Revolutionary Health Products,
Exclusively For Medical Practitioners.

Eqova Life Sciences is the world’s first full spectrum hemp oil brand exclusively created for medical practitioners. Eqova focus on creating cutting edge products based on natural ingredients for practitioners to use to improve a patient’s health.

Eqova needed to present their products as exclusive, science-backed, effective and standardised. ReallusionDesign worked with Eqova on their digital branding, creating the visuals for their website, marketing materials and customised private labels.


Digital Branding
Web Design
Marketing Material



Eqova needed to showcase their brand in a language that will better communicate their product’s values to medical practitioners.


ReallusionDesign helped Eqova to present their brand’s unique science-backed products to medical practitioners and future healthcare partners.

The new branding helped to represent their mission to help improve patient’s health.


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Branding and Web Design

ReallusionDesign worked closely with the CEO of Eqova to clarify their identity and design needs. The brand’s innovative health products needed to be represented in a way that can communicate their values and benefits to health practitioners. We formed the design direction to better visualise the scientifically and clinically proven qualities of their products.


Marketing Materials

We created multiple promotional materials including informational brochures and price sheets to communicate the value of Eqova’s product and the impact they can make on people’s lives.

We also worked together to create the customized private labels for the practitioners products.




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