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Embody Active is an Australian owned activewear range. They focus on sharing beliefs and values, based on the daily active lifestyle, with their global community.

ReallusionDesign’s mission? Help Embody Active become a recognized brand, increase sales and improve customer experience and communication.

Brand Strategy
Web Design and Development
Ecommerce Development
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media


Drive high traffic and ensure returning customers. Boost brand’s recognition and increase sales.


ReallusionDesign helped Embody Active to focus their brand’s message and expand their reach to new customers. This led to growth in sales and and better communication of their philosophy.

Understanding the Users

Embody Active shares an active lifestyle philosophy and aims in facilitating a community of like minded individuals to communicate mutual ideas and believes.

We created a clear picture of their customer profiles in order to deliver an easy to use solution to align with their needs and goals.

“We are targeting everyday women that want to feel & look good while being active.”

Facilitating the Vision

ReallusionDesign’s lead designer Diana sat down with owners Jade Burns and Sandy Robinson to facilitate the brand’s vision and positioning. The team created a clear vision of what the business needed to reach their goals.

Boosting the brand’s recognition included designing a website and the creation an ecommerce solution. The team wanted to create a look and feel that is very minimal and can match visuals of their brand.

“We want to ensure that the web design completely compliments our vision.”






Creating the Solution

Embody Active had an already established media presence which they used to sell their products directly. The next step in expanding their business was to create an ecommerce store which they can easily manage and populate with new products.

“We are hoping to expand the range of our products.”

By surfacing the challenges the Embody Active team faced, ReallusionDesign created an user friendly webstore solution, which helped the team to expand their range, modify products and manage stock.

“We were pretty raw when it came to web development knowledge.”



“Diana was extremely patient and helpful. We really enjoyed working with you and love what you have created for us. It matches our brief perfectly.”
Jade Burns
CEO at Embody Active
Adelaide, Australia





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